5 Good reasons to Re-Take Reiki Classes

26 Dec 2022

5 Good Reasons to Re-Take Reiki Classes Have you ever considered re-taking some or all Levels of your Reiki training? This may sound a bit strange, because after all, once you’ve been attuned to Reiki, you have it for life. That’s 100% true. So, why would anyone want to re-take Reiki classes? Let me tell you why I’m a big fan of taking Reiki classes more than once. In fact, here are my top 5 reasons to re-take Reiki classes. Which one describes you best? SEE MY REIKI CLASS SCHEDULE HERE 1) Your Reiki training happened a while ago. You haven’t been practicing as much lately and feel a bit rusty in your.

A Tracker for all of your Reiki Practices

13 Dec 2022
A Tracker for all of your Reiki Practices

The Reiki Journals aren’t just for the first 21 days after your attunement. Yes, it’s important to practice every day after you become attuned, but that sets you up to continue the habit of practicing every day from then on. The Reiki Journals give you a tracker for all of your Reiki practices (not just self-Reiki), journal prompts to deepen your relationship with reiki, tutorials for practicing the skills at each level, and so much more. Take a look inside the journals here- https://youtu.be/HZf87XJynL4  Get yours at- https://maryriposo.my.canva.site/reikijournals

50% off guided meditations

09 Dec 2022

Could you use an escape from the holiday rush? Even though the holidays are wonderful, this time of year can be… well, exhausting. I thought you might like to take a break or even wind down for the day with my Guided Meditations. Right now, for a limited time, they’re 50% off when you use code HOLIDAY50 at checkout. Click here to get them- www.InfiniteLightCenter.com/shop What will I experience? * You can journey to the Temple of Healing, where you’ll receive a beautiful healing session and remember your true state of perfect health & wellness. * Or maybe you’ll go to the Temple of Infinite Light, where you’ll receive a.

FREE Oracle Cards Training

28 Nov 2022

FREE Oracle Cards Training   I’ve been getting alot of questions about how to use card decks lately, since I made a card deck of my own. They’re called the Reiki Self-Care Cards & I use them in my Reiki practice every day. I wanted to show you people how easy it is to use card decks in your Reiki practice. So I decided to make a FREE video training for you. Get it here- https://bit.ly/oraclecardtraining   In this free training, I teach the benefits of using oracle cards, as well as how and when to use them. I think you’ll be amazed at how using cards can enhance both.

Happy Thanksgiving

24 Nov 2022

Happy Thanksgiving! One of the Reiki principles is “Kansha Shite” (with gratitude). The following is a message from one of my Reiki Self-Care Cards- “Just for today, start a simple gratitude practice. Make a list of all the positive things in your life & practice giving thanks”. Our world would be a better place if we treated every day like Thanksgiving. Gassho, Mary Learn more about my Reiki Self-Care Cards here- https://bit.ly/maryriposocards  

Holiday Gift Guide

22 Nov 2022

Looking for holiday gifts for the Reiki enthusiast? I’ve been working hard all year to create these beautiful, inspirational & practical gifts. Please consider supporting my small, woman-owned business for gifting this holiday season. Reiki Messages Ebook   $1.11 I created this ebook like a digital oracle card deck. Open it on your phone or tablet, scroll and stop to get your message. Check in daily or when you need some guidance or direction. Sold only on Amazon, it includes 88 positive and uplifting messages. A great gift for yourself at this super low price! Get the Reiki Messages Ebook HERE     Reiki Self-Care Card Deck   $22.22 I created this 44-card deck filled with.

Reiki Business Collective Podcast Interview

14 Nov 2022

Listen to my interview on the Reiki Business Collective podcast with Christian Standing Stones. Listen while we talk about how adding products to your Reiki business can add value and help support your clients and students. Learn more about my card deck and get yours here: https://bit.ly/maryriposocards Learn more about my journals and get yours here: https://bit.ly/reikijournals Get my Top 10 Reiki Resources here- https://bit.ly/maryriposoresources  

FREE Reiki Webinar with Pamela Miles

12 Nov 2022

Update- if you missed the live webinar, you can still access the replay with the same link! Reiki friends, I want to let you know about a FREE Reiki webinar on Saturday 11/12 at 2 pm Eastern with Pamela Miles. If you’ve ever taken a class with me, you know that I think highly of Pamela Miles. I use and recommend her Reiki Timer app, and often refer students to her books. Pamela is a real Reiki professional, and she is very active in helping us stay on top of the legislative happenings to keep Reiki FREE. Pamela’s webinar is called “Reiki: It’s Not What You Think — Why Reiki.

Angel Numbers

11 Nov 2022

Do you believe in Angel Numbers? Today is 11/11/22 and offers you a gateway into the Spiritual, if you choose to take it. I pulled a card from my Reiki Self-Healing Deck this morning and the message was- Expect Miracles. Small miracles happen every day, but we rarely notice. Today, write down all the good things that happen & be grateful. Then expect miracles. Learn more about my deck here- https://bit.ly/maryriposocards

Reiki Summit-Get 70% Off

06 Nov 2022

Reiki friends- have you snagged your spot for the Reiki Summit yet? It’s FREE to watch but if you’re smart, you’ll get the discount package before it starts. That’s what I do. It’s only $57 (70% off) and you get everything to keep and listen at your convenience. Use my code to register (free or paid) and I’ll get credit for your signup. Discount expires on 11/10 so register soon. Go here- https://summit.reikirays.com/summit2022.php?aff=118509_wcllrqjp