Beginners Yoga: The Foundations of Yoga

Foundations of Yoga

Beginners Yoga

Are you a beginner to yoga? Have you always wanted to try a yoga class, but felt intimidated about walking into your first class? Do you already practice yoga, but would like a deeper understanding of what you’re currently practicing? Then this workshop is for you!


In this educational and experiential workshop, you’ll learn, step-by-step, everything you need in order to feel confident and capable in any yoga class. By putting the practices of yoga under a magnifying glass, you’ll be expertly guided to understand and then build a strong foundation for your own yoga practice. You’ll first learn and then practice introductory yogic breathing, traditional yoga postures using anatomical alignment, and yogic relaxation, in both theory and practice. This is a great opportunity for any level of practice or ability!


Taught by: Tony Riposo

Investment: $30

Register here or call (315) 373-0626

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