Japanese Reiki Techniques Class

31 Jan 2023

For the first time ever, I’m offering a class exclusively on the traditional Japanese Reiki Techniques. Now you might be wondering, “Aren’t all Reiki techniques traditional Japanese Reiki techniques?” The answer is, no, they are not. Many Reiki classes are Western Reiki, or Usui Shiki Ryoho, which are the teachings brought to the West from Mrs. Takata. Mrs. Takata tailored her classes to a Western audience by dropping many of the traditional Japan techniques, making it easier to understand and practice by Western students (which we are grateful form by the way). Mikao Usui’s teachings are what we now call traditional Japanese Reiki. It can’t be known with 100% certainty.

5 Good reasons to Re-Take Reiki Classes

26 Dec 2022

5 Good Reasons to Re-Take Reiki Classes Have you ever considered re-taking some or all Levels of your Reiki training? This may sound a bit strange, because after all, once you’ve been attuned to Reiki, you have it for life. That’s 100% true. So, why would anyone want to re-take Reiki classes? Let me tell you why I’m a big fan of taking Reiki classes more than once. In fact, here are my top 5 reasons to re-take Reiki classes. Which one describes you best? SEE MY REIKI CLASS SCHEDULE HERE 1) Your Reiki training happened a while ago. You haven’t been practicing as much lately and feel a bit rusty in your.

FREE Oracle Cards Training

28 Nov 2022

FREE Oracle Cards Training   I’ve been getting alot of questions about how to use card decks lately, since I made a card deck of my own. They’re called the Reiki Self-Care Cards & I use them in my Reiki practice every day. I wanted to show you people how easy it is to use card decks in your Reiki practice. So I decided to make a FREE video training for you. Get it here- https://bit.ly/oraclecardtraining   In this free training, I teach the benefits of using oracle cards, as well as how and when to use them. I think you’ll be amazed at how using cards can enhance both.

FREE Reiki Webinar with Pamela Miles

12 Nov 2022

Update- if you missed the live webinar, you can still access the replay with the same link! Reiki friends, I want to let you know about a FREE Reiki webinar on Saturday 11/12 at 2 pm Eastern with Pamela Miles. If you’ve ever taken a class with me, you know that I think highly of Pamela Miles. I use and recommend her Reiki Timer app, and often refer students to her books. Pamela is a real Reiki professional, and she is very active in helping us stay on top of the legislative happenings to keep Reiki FREE. Pamela’s webinar is called “Reiki: It’s Not What You Think — Why Reiki.

Reiki Summit-Get 70% Off

06 Nov 2022

Reiki friends- have you snagged your spot for the Reiki Summit yet? It’s FREE to watch but if you’re smart, you’ll get the discount package before it starts. That’s what I do. It’s only $57 (70% off) and you get everything to keep and listen at your convenience. Use my code to register (free or paid) and I’ll get credit for your signup. Discount expires on 11/10 so register soon. Go here- https://summit.reikirays.com/summit2022.php?aff=118509_wcllrqjp

World Animal Day FREE Event on 10/4/22

23 Sep 2022

World Animal Day FREE Online Event. Tuesday October 4, 6-7 pm ET. Live Online via Zoom. In a celebration of World Animal Day and St. Francis of Assisi Day, you will be led in a guided meditation to honor our beloved animals, those who are currently with us and those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Bring your pets or a picture/memento of a pet that has passed and we will honor them, as well as all animals on Earth. Register at- https://infinitelightcenter.com/…/workshops-events…/

Global Reiki Summit

21 Sep 2022

Registration is now open for the 7th Annual Global Reiki Summit! This FREE Online Event happens from November 11-16, 2022. The summit includes talks by energy medicine pioneers in the field of Reiki, including William Lee Rand, Susan Mitchell, Inamoto Hyakuten, Frank Arjava Petter, Tina Zion, Frans Stiene, Colleen and Robyn Benelli, Nicholas Pearson, and Mari Okazaki. You will learn practices, techniques, tools, stories, and life-changing wisdom that you need to deepen the Gift of Peace and welcome healing into your heart, family, community and our world. Once you register, you can start your journey right away with 4 FREE welcoming video interviews from Torsten A. Lange, Andrea Kennedy, Yolanda.

Join Me for a Reiki Circle on 9/20.

11 Sep 2022

Join me for an Online Reiki Circle on Tuesday, 9/20 @ 6 pm. This includes a live guided Reiki Self-Reiki practice & Distant Reiki practice. We’ll also send Reiki to the World Peace Reiki Crystal Grid.IMPORTANT- This month’s circle happens on a Tuesday, not our usual Wednesday. We will go back to the regular schedule in October. Our Reiki Circles are now FREE and open to everyone, whether or not you’ve taken Reiki training, so please join in and be sure to invite your friends!Hosted by-Mary Riposo, Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master TeacherRegister-Sign up here or go to https://infinitelightcenter.com/yoga-classes/workshops-events-schedule/Investment: FREE. Pre-registration is required and space is limited so register soon!Who Can Attend?Our Online Reiki Circles are open.

Animal Reiki Class Starts on 9/15.

08 Sep 2022

Only 1 week until my Animal Reiki I & II class begins! If you’ve been waiting for this class, now is the time. This class starts on 9/15 at 6 pm and meets online for 6 weeks. And there are no weekend classes! Did you know that Animal Reiki is practiced differently than human Reiki? You’ll receive an attunement, learn new skills & receive a new symbol. You’ll learn to practice Reiki with pets (you can even bring your pet to class) and wild animals, and develop a deeper relationship with nature. You must have taken Level II Reiki (for humans) in order to register. Go here to learn more.

National Dog Day

26 Aug 2022

Today is National Dog Day! Do something nice for your dog and learn Animal Reiki. My last Animal Reiki I & II class of the year begins on 9/15/22 and is open to those who have taken Reiki II (for humans). We meet on Thursday evenings and best of all, you can bring your dog to class! Info & registration here- https://infinitelightcenter.com/yoga-classes/workshops-events-schedule/. Any questions, please get in touch with me at [email protected]