Reiki Journals are Here!

05 Oct 2022

I’m happy to announce that my Reiki Journals are now available on Amazon! There are 3 to choose from (Level I, Level II and Level III), and each 150-page full color soft-cover book is designed as a workbook and practice tracker. They are perfect for anyone taking Reiki classes, those who have already taken Reiki training and need a place to document their Reiki practice sessions, as well as Reiki Teachers who are looking for a quality resource to support their students in their practice. As a Reiki Master in private practice for 20+ years, I have always recommended to my students that they document their practice, but until now, there wasn’t anything ready made for.

Reiki Self-Care Card Deck

31 Aug 2022

Reiki friends ~I’m happy to announce that I’ve created a Reiki Self-Care Card Deck. Based on the Reiki Principles, you can use these cards in your Reiki sessions & classes, to check in with your Higher Self on a daily basis, gift to someone who needs a little healing in their life, and so much more. I’ve used card decks for many years in my practice and in my personal self-care routine, but none of them were exactly what I was looking for as a Reiki practitioner. So, I created my own- and now you can have them, too! Go here to get all the info and grab your own deck-,Mary   Mary Riposo, PhD, RMTwww.InfiniteLightCenter.comwww.CNYReikiAssociation.comP.S..