Update- if you missed the live webinar, you can still access the replay with the same link!

Reiki friends, I want to let you know about a FREE Reiki webinar on Saturday 11/12 at 2 pm Eastern with Pamela Miles. If you’ve ever taken a class with me, you know that I think highly of Pamela Miles. I use and recommend her Reiki Timer app, and often refer students to her books. Pamela is a real Reiki professional, and she is very active in helping us stay on top of the legislative happenings to keep Reiki FREE.

Pamela’s webinar is called “Reiki: It’s Not What You Think — Why Reiki as an Ongoing Spiritual Practice (Beyond Energy Medicine) Enables Your Greatest Self-Healing
In her webinar, Pamela will lead a guided Reiki session, similar to what I do in our online Reiki Circles. I know you will love it! She’ll help you drop into your center, and open to your intuition and inner wisdom.
PS- If you use my link I will get credit for your signup, so make sure to use the link above to register.