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21 Aug 2022

Reiki friends ~ Do you ever feel alone out there? Like you’re practicing in the wilderness with no one to help you? I want to share something with you. For a long time after I became a Reiki practitioner, I felt like I was alone in the wilderness with no one to bounce ideas off… no one to ask questions to… no one to share experiences with… Yes, there were other Reiki practitioners in my area, but truthfully, there was more competition than cooperation back then. Everyone wanted to have an edge and appear more special than the others. They all wanted to have their own following, so none of us ever got together.

Join the CNYRA

25 Jul 2022
Join the CNYRA

The Central New York Reiki Association is looking for new members! If you’ve taken Reiki training (any level or style), we invite you to join us. The CNY Reiki Association was founded in 2012 by Mary Riposo, Reiki Master, to create a supportive community for Reiki practitioners, uphold high standards of training and practice, provide a directory of Reiki Practitioners, raise awareness of the benefits of Reiki, and offer a Distant Reiki Service to those in need. Member benefits include a website listing, Free Reiki Circles, a private Facebook community, discounted Reiki insurance, discounted Reiki workshops, FREE Reiki Certificate Templates, an articles & resources database, as well as a widget.