Reiki friends ~

Although it’s currently quiet on the political front with the recent attempts to regulate Reiki practice, regulatory plans are still in the works, and will surely appear again. When that happens, I will share updates.

In the meantime, I want to spotlight another, non-political attempt to regulate Reiki and other energy healing modalities. A recent TEDx Berkeley talk by Dr. Shamini Jain was unfairly flagged. Dr. Jain was invited to speak, but was then told she could not use the words Reiki or chi in her talk.

Dr. Jain is the author of the book “Healing Ourselves: Biofield Science and the Future of Health” and the founder of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI). Dr. Jain is known as a thoughtful and careful scientist. In her talk, she mentions that there are more than 125 published peer-reviewed randomized controlled studies documenting benefits from what she calls biofield connection practices. She sent TED a list of the 29 papers which were the evidence base for her talk.

Why would TED flag Dr. Jain’s talk? The reasons they give don’t make sense according to their own guidelines, a link to which you’ll find on the talk’s YouTube page.

While this isn’t (yet) a legislative concern, I’m reaching out to you because legislative battles are largely fought in the court of public opinion. That includes our efforts to keep Reiki practice unregulated by the government. It’s important we don’t leave accusations that Reiki practice is pseudoscience unanswered.

What Can We Do?
Please watch, like, and share Dr. Jain’s talk. If you feel moved to comment, be clear and succinct, so your comment gets read. And be reasonable. An abundance of angry conspiracy comments from Reiki practitioners would only prove TED’s point. If you have healthcare or science credentials, share them in your comment, and consider addressing TED’s decision to flag the talk.

Let’s show TED that a large group of clear-thinking, reasonable people are interested in biofield science. And please share this information freely with your contacts.

Mary Riposo, PhD, RMT
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