Class Descriptions

Infinite Light Yoga offers classes of varying levels making it possible for every Body to participate. All ILY classes include yogic meditation, breathing and the relaxation techniques of classical yoga. Below are a list of our class descriptions.


Multi-level Yoga: All levels; beginner to experienced

Infinite Light Yoga’s signature Multi-level classes offer detailed instruction in classical Yoga, while the teacher simultaneously models the postures, to encourage anatomical alignment. Variations and modifications of the postures are woven into each class in order to ensure the highest level of participation and enjoyment for each student.

Every class is a work of art, uniquely created to be both educational and transformational. Each class is designed around a theme, practice, or yogic teaching, making it possible to learn something new in every class.

Taught by: All ILY teachers


Gentle Yoga: All levels; beginner to experienced

Our Gentle Yoga classes allow everyone to enjoy the amazing benefits of yoga. We offer a gentle yoga experience designed for the comfort and benefit of bodies with limitations due to age, weight, or injuries, or for those just looking for a gentle experience. Our gentle yoga classes are less strenuous and taught at a more relaxed pace than many other yoga classes, so they are perfect for seniors, pregnant women, practitioners who are recovering from injury, and those who are fit but lack flexibility. The classes are led offering the use of props, chairs if needed, and modifications whenever possible, honoring each person’s unique needs.

Additionally, the Gentle class provides you with more individualized attention than other classes because there are two teachers; Cindy Yaple leads the class and Tony Riposo assists, helping you get the most out of your experience.

Taught by: Cindy Yaple


Gentle-Restorative: All levels; beginner to experienced

This class offers a slower, more relaxing and restorative yoga experience. You will be guided exploring gentle movements, traditional and restorative (supported) yoga postures, along with an extended deep relaxation experience (Yoga Nidra), leaving you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and peaceful.

A great class for beginners or individuals looking for a gentler practice.

Taught by: Cindy Yaple


Yoga Scents ™: All levels; beginner to experienced

This Yoga Scents ™ class will include everything you are accustomed to in your regular class experience: meditation, breathing, posture exploration and, of course the deep stillness of relaxation. Therapeutic-grade essential oils are added to enhance your experience and provide additional wellness benefits.

Essential oils may be diffused in the room, inhaled or placed on the body, providing a powerful tool to integrate into your yoga practice and your life.

Taught by: Cindy Yaple



Pilates is a mind-body conditioning exercise program that targets the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and spine to improve overall central core stability and posture. In our APPI Pilates mat classes, you’ll learn how to move safely and efficiently while improving your overall level of fitness. Our classes offer a fusion of Pilates with other exercises to enhance your experience. Students should have some basic experience with Pilates before enrolling in this class.

Taught by Sue Valerino


Balanced Body Barre – all levels

Tone and sculpt your body in this ballet-inspired class. Our Balanced Body Barre class is a non-impact fitness class that is appropriate for all levels and ages. In this class, you will make use of the ballet barre to target all muscle groups, while employing muscle-shaping isometrics to quickly and safely reshape the entire body. Balanced Body Barre emphasizes safety and body awareness for unique body-transforming results. No dance experience required.

Taught by Sue Lowitz



Monthly Workshop Offering


Beginners Yoga: The Foundations of Yoga

Are you a beginner to yoga? Have you always wanted to try a yoga class, but felt intimidated about walking into your first class? Or do you already practice yoga, but would like a deeper understanding of what you’re currently practicing? Then this workshop is for you!

In this educational and experiential workshop, you’ll learn, step-by-step, everything you need in order to feel confident and capable in any yoga class. By putting the practices of yoga under a magnifying glass, you’ll be expertly guided to understand and then build a strong foundation for your own yoga practice. You’ll first learn and then practice introductory yogic breathing, traditional yoga postures using anatomical alignment, and yogic relaxation, in both theory and practice. This is a great opportunity for any level of practice or ability!

Taught by: ILY director, Tony Riposo



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