Infinite Light Yoga Class Guidelines

At Infinite Light Yoga we do everything we can to ensure that you have a wonderful yoga class experience. We hope that the following guidelines will help answer all of your questions and make your time in our classes more enjoyable for everyone.

  • Be on time for class! Plan to arrive 5-15 minutes early to sign in, settle in and stretch. If you must arrive late (we know it sometimes can’t be helped), wait quietly outside the studio until we’ve completed our meditation (you’ll hear the Oooommm). Then come in and join us as we begin warm-ups.
  • Sign in. Each time you attend class, write your name legibly on the sign-in sheet and punch your card if you purchased one. Indicate if you have paid for a card or class in the appropriate column. This is important for accurate record keeping.
  • Be comfortable. Bring any mat, towels, blankets, pillows, meditation  benches/cushions, or other items that will make you comfortable. Help yourself to studio blocks, straps, and blankets as well. Practice entirely at your own comfort level.
  • Communicate. Let your teacher know about any injuries or other conditions that may affect your practice.
  • Savor the peace. Turn your cell phone off or silence it. Better yet, don’t bring your phone to class. Students are at yoga class for peace, relaxation, and union with self. If you are expecting an urgent call, let your instructor know and put your phone on vibrate. Avoid jangly jewelry or rattling keys.
  • Practice on an empty stomach. Try to avoid eating for two or more hours before class. If you must have something, keep it light. If your belly is full, your energy will be diverted to digestion rather than your practice, and you will be uncomfortable in many postures.
  • Honor the Space. Leave your shoes, food, and drink outside the studio. Water bottles are ok. Gum should also be avoided because it tenses the jaw and mouth. Try not to step on other students’ yoga mats when you walk through the room.
  • Honor Your Body. Work with where you are in the moment, and be sure to modify as needed to avoid injury. For women, honor your body’s cycles. During menstruation, depending on the individual, long holding of strenuous postures and/or inversions may be contraindicated. As with any posture, listen to your  body. If it reacts negatively, modifications should be made.
  • Dress appropriately. Wear layers to control your body temperature, and consider the movement that may be required. Ensure that your clothing is modest and neither too loose nor too tight for the practice.
  • Avoid perfumes or colognes. Fragrances are distracting and can cause irritation to those with sinus and respiratory sensitivity. If the instructor is using essential oils, be sure to let him or her know if it will bother you.
  • Stay until the end. The relaxation at the end of the class is an important part of the full yoga experience. Relaxation reduces stress and is very restorative. Leaving early is a disservice to yourself and distracting to others. If you must leave early, please let your teacher know before class.
  • Pick up. Neatly return any mats, blankets, blocks, ties or eye pillows  you used.
  • Leave Young Children at Home.  We do not currently offer children’s yoga classes, and it’s not acceptable to leave children unattended in the waiting room.

Please feel free to talk to your teacher about anything; concerns, medical issues or just general questions. We are here for you and we want you to be comfortable in our classes. All Infinite Light Yoga teachers have contact info on the teachers page.

Thank you and we hope to see you in class soon.

Om Shanti, The Infinite Light Yoga Team

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