CHRISTOPHER NORMAN, Certified Infinite Light Yoga Teacher

I was introduced to Yoga while in college (2000-2004), but my practice really became more conscientious in 2014. I had just moved to Central New York after completing graduate school, and several aspects of my life were unhealthy and out of balance. I initially gravitated to Yoga as a way of exercise, but as I continued to practice, something changed. My appreciation and love for Yoga – and myself! – deepened, and today I’m a better son, friend, and husband. Along my journey thus far, I have practiced within a variety of yoga styles on my journey, from the meditative to the vigorously-active, but Infinite Light Yoga is where I found my home. The Infinite Light Yoga Teacher Training was a natural fit, and I completed my 200-hour certification in February 2018. Graduation was another step on my journey!

My yoga practice and what I bring to my students is informed by my profession. In addition to being an Infinite Light Yoga Teacher, I am a Nurse Practitioner with Board Certifications in Geriatrics and Holistic Nursing, with a passionate appreciation and educated perspective on the body, mind, and spirit of the aging adult. My goal is to help people challenge their notions about aging, and find success in their aging process, however “success” might be defined for them. A gentle flow can be expected in my classes, with safe exploration of the body’s capabilities, moments of stillness, and breathing to create both relaxation and energy.

What can you do to live your best life? Perhaps you’ll uncover your own path through Yoga, too – and maybe I’ll see you on your journey!

I am also an assistant instructor and facilitator in the ILY 200-Hr. Yoga Teacher Training programs.

Namaste ~ Chris