SUE LOWITZ, Stott Pilates and Balanced Body Barre Instructor

I am a Stott Pilates and Balanced Body Barre trained instructor, and teach Balanced Body Barre classes at Infinite Light Center. I’ve been practicing Pilates since 2002 and became a Barre pioneer in 2012. When local training opportunities became available, I took the plunge, journeying from class participant to instructor. I achieved certification in Balanced Body Barre in 2013.

I decided to teach Balanced Body Barre because it’s popular, good exercise, and includes movements similar to ballet, allowing participants to achieve that highly desirable ballet body! My focus is to encourage body awareness that ensures proper technique and a safe, effective workout through mind-body integration. Mindful breathing is an important component to every class I teach, increasing coordination and balance and decreasing stress. My classes are adjusted to my students’ needs, with modifications offered as required. Barre classes are low impact and are geared to all levels. No dance experience required.

Hope to see you in my Barre class!


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