Infinite Light Yoga Teacher Training 200-hr Program

Infinite Light Yoga’s 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training is the most in-depth training in Central New York. If you aspire to become a yoga teacher or are ready to explore a deeper level of practice, this is the program for you.


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Program Overview

200 HR PROGRAMInfinite Light Yoga’s 200-hour Program offers a unique combination of education and exploration to teach the principles and practices of yoga. In this program, you’ll not only learn to teach; you’ll also learn to embody the principles of classical yoga, and you’ll graduate with all the skills you need to be an excellent yoga teacher. In addition to the top notch training you’ll receive, our program simultaneously serves as a personal enrichment program. If you aspire to become a trained professional yoga teacher or are ready to explore a deeper level of practice, this is the ideal 200-hr program for you.

Our 200-hour training is open to yoga practitioners from any tradition and is recognized by Yoga Alliance. The 200-hr Infinite Light Yoga Teacher Training is completed in a six-month period, and classes meet every other weekend during the course of the program. Our 200-hr faculty consists of a team of experienced and knowledgeable yoga teachers, directed by Tony Riposo and ILY senior teachers.


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You will learn ~

Leading Asana
Learn how to guide students into the core Infinite Light Yoga postures using directional and anatomical language; incorporate press point methodology; master the art of choreography to create flowing posture sequences; develop skills for teaching an inspirational yoga classes.

Transformational Teaching Tools
Learn how to create a complete experience, incorporating the Infinite Light Yoga teaching methodology using instructional, educational and experiential language. You will develop the skills to be able to seamlessly weave centering, asana, pranayama, meditation and the relaxation techniques of classical yoga into every class.

Yogic History & Philosophy
Understand the origins and philosophy of yoga and the spiritual teachings from which they originated;  discover the importance of the classical texts (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Baghavad Gita & the Hatha Yoga Pradipika); learn about the Infinite Light Yoga lineage, including the life and practices of Swami Kripalu.

Anatomy & Physiology Principles
Gain a functional understanding of the musculoskeletal system, including range of motion, proportion & orientation; learn how to lead postures safely and confidently using the ILY press point methodology.

Pranayama Methods
Guide your students to experience a deeper mind-body connection through yogic breathing techniques. Learn to incorporate various methods of pranayama into your posture sequences.

Meditation & Relaxation Techniques
Learn the art of creating sacred space for your students, gain skills in yogic meditation and centering, and guide a deeply restorative Savasana.

Assisting & Posture Modification  Skills
Develop skills for guiding students into postures safely and effectively; learn how to offer assistance to those with unique limitations, how to modify postures based on individual needs, and how to create an all-level experience.


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Become a Transformational Yoga Teacher ~

Infinite Light Yoga is an authentic lineage-based style of yoga based on the traditional practices of classical Yoga. The Infinite Light Yoga School has been in existence since 2009 and is directed by Tony Riposo, who has been teaching Yoga since 1987. We offer a 200- hr Teacher Training program, which is exclusively taught by the program director and primary teachers, who are on site 100% of the time. You’ll find that the Infinite Light Yoga School offers the most in-depth training available! Become a Yoga teacher in the 200-hr Infinite Light Yoga Teacher Training. Our Yoga Alliance®-Approved certification program will not only transform your life; it will help you transform the lives of others through the practice of Yoga!


Train to be a Yoga Teacher Without Interrupting Your Daily Life ~

If you’re like most people, spending a month or more out of town for Yoga Teacher Training is inconvenient or even impossible. Our non-residential 200- hr program is held in Fayetteville, NY, so if you live in the Central New York area, you can complete your Yoga Teacher Training by commuting from home while minimizing travel time and expenses.

Infinite Light Yoga School offers a 200-hr program in manageable time allotments, which allows you to maintain your regular weekday schedule, and allows time for full integration and assimilation of the practices during the length of the training. Our 200-hr Infinite Light Yoga Teacher Training is completed in a six-month period, and classes meet every other weekend during the course of the program. Infinite Light Yoga School is proud to offer a program you can complete without interrupting your daily life.

Additionally, while in your training, we offer you the opportunity to take unlimited yoga classes during the course of the program so you can integrate what you are learning while you are training with us.


A Yoga Teacher Training Program Designed for Your Level of Practice ~

Infinite Light Yoga School’s Yoga Alliance®-Approved 200-hr program welcomes practitioners from all traditions and levels of practice, and  we’re highly committed to the success of each participant. The unique combination of classroom-style education, self-exploration, and practice teaching helps you refine your skills and create your own unique style of teaching using the teaching methodologies of Infinite Light Yoga. Our program is intense yet practical, and we provide you with support and guidance every step of the way to ensure that you’ll become an excellent yoga teacher!

For more information about the Infinite Light Yoga Teacher Training, contact Tony Riposo, Director, by email at [email protected] or by phone at 315-480-1996.


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For more information about the Infinite Light Yoga Teacher Training, contact Tony Riposo, Director: [email protected] or 315-480-1996.